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If you have any questions about Forge Scotland, and they're not answered below, please do contact us.

What happened to Invest?

Simple answer: not much!

Long answer: The actual delivery, content and leadership of Invest has barely changed at all. However, we felt that the invitation to become Forge Scotland gave us the opportunity to expand Invest beyond a simple year-long training programme and to create additional opportunities to have a real impact on Scotland. 

Will training all be about Hirsh/Frost material?

No. Whilst Forge Scotland is part of the wider Forge International family, which is headed up by Alan Hirsch and Mike Frost, the aim of all of our training is to encourage people to think critically and missionally for their own situation, opening their eyes to a wide variety of options and opinions. Frost/Hirsch material will inform some of our teaching (and reading lists) on the Invest course, but this has always been the case. 

Will the Forge Pioneer Course fit around my full-time job?

Yes. Forge Pioneer Course is designed as much as possible to allow people in full-time employment to receive the training. However, you should be aware that you may need to make arrangements to take some time off for the Induction weekend (which includes the full Friday and Monday) and the four teaching weekends (which may take up some of the Friday with travel). 

Pioneer Course

Forge Pioneer Course

A year-long spare time training programme for those leading or starting new missional expressions.

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Future Travellers

Forge Future Travellers

Forge journey with existing Churches as they see to transition to a more incarnational/missional way of being.

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Pioneer Europe Course

Forge Pioneer Europe

Our Pioneer course elsewhere in Europe

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