Training Regional Hubs Overview

Regional Hubs Overview

Regional Hubs Overview

Regional Hubs are Forge Scotland's way of providing ongoing support, training, resourcing and networking for existing and future missional pioneers. They are open to anybody who is an active practitioner, usually within the first five years of their church/missional project. Additionally, any current Forge Pioneer students will be part of their local hub as part of their training.

Typically a regional hub will have a monthly meeting, as well as organising one-off events. The monthly meeting will have opportunities for people to reflect with other like-minded practitioners, as well as frequent training sessions led by the hub leaders, or special guests. And, of course, plenty of time to fellowship, eat food together, and pray with each other.

Pioneers are frequently in a very lonely place – regional hubs are a perfect opportunity to combat that isolation.


Pioneer Course

Forge Pioneer Course

A year-long spare time training programme for those leading or starting new missional expressions.

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Future Travellers

Forge Future Travellers

Forge journey with existing Churches as they see to transition to a more incarnational/missional way of being.

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Pioneer Europe Course

Forge Pioneer Europe

Our Pioneer course elsewhere in Europe

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