Our friends at Healing for the Heart recently wrote on Transition. I found this helpful as I was thinking about preparing for the new season with our Future Travellers participants. Over the next few days I will be sharing a few lessons I have learned about coping with change and transition:

Responses of others, responding to others

When we choose to make changes, those around us can start to behave in ways that can cause us some discomfort. Often they didn’t choose to change, but they must, because you are generating change around you and them. Ways they interacted with you in the past may not be available to them now, either physically or emotionally. If you have power to change some aspect their environment, then you may personally feel the force of this.

How we deal with those around us during transition is hugely important and can be challenging. Already we may feel vulnerable and unsteady, so to respond well might not come naturally and easily. Working on our emotional health at all times can give us tools that help through these pinch points.

If you are a church leader thinking about transition in your church, and companions for the journey, why not contact me at gill@forgescotland.com and attend our Future Travellers Taster Day on 30th September in Glasgow (details and booking link).

Why not tell us about your experience of change and transition?