Transition in life, life in transition

Sometimes it’s easy to think that once we get through this period of transition we can get back to ‘normal’. Life comes from transition, from birth, through to passing into Glory. Thinking of continual change as a normal part of life can help us to accept change and transition as normal states.

Lets be open to change. Expect it, welcome it. It may help to cope when we are in the liminal space, though even sought change can be difficult and leave us wondering why we started on this path in the first place.

The magnitude and/or frequency of some of the changes can leave us overwhelmed at times. It is in these moments that the rhythms and patterns of our walk with God and our fellow Christ-chasers become our best allies. They become the exoskeleton we can carry with us to the new state or place.

Also, I recommend you don’t rush through the process. Look around as you travel. Savour the view, smell the roses, sample the nectar. Consider using some Mindful Practises to be present now.

If you are a church leader thinking about transition in your church, and companions for the journey, why not contact me at and attend our Future Travellers Taster Day on 30th September in Glasgow (details and booking link).

Why not tell us about your experience of change and transition?